We are always trying to find new ways to stay motivated. We like to explore fitness trends and new gyms/studios to keep things interesting and exciting. After tagging each other in countless bounce video’s on instagram, we decided to find the closest studio to offer a class of this type for us to try out. Bounce is exactly as it sounds, bouncing on a mini Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline for a high-cardio, high-energy, yet low-impact workout. We first came across this workout on Instagram, featured by @tiffani.robbins.

We spent a weekend in Pittsburgh, PA taking a variety of bounce class formats at Meraki Studio and instantly fell in love with the workout. It was so fun and had our hearts pumping and muscles burning while feeling so easy/gentle on our joints. After just 2 classes, we decided to invest in trampolines ourselves to continue with it upon returning home! Tiffani Robbins recently started streaming live and On Demand Bounce fitness videos on the Obe fitness app. Working out on a trampoline instantly gives us child-like energy!