New Year, Better Me

To kick off the start of a new year, we wanted to set a resolution that would persist through the full year, and not just fade after the first month– a resolution that we could gain knowledge and experience from while bettering ourselves. When we reflect back to previous New Year’s resolutions we had set for ourselves, it looked something like, “Get in wedding shape” “Lose 5 pounds” or something of that sort. While we do always aspire to get active and move more every day, this year we decided to think of creating one that is attainable and something that would give us a sense of accomplishment each month.

Our 2020 New Year’s Resolution is to intentionally work to improve and pursue a passion or learn something new each month. By breaking our resolution into month-long mini goals and challenges, we can keep things interesting and stay motivated and inspired. For the month of January, our focus is on health and wellness and we are taking on a 15,000 steps a day challenge.

We would love for you to step into the new year and join us as we take on this challenge!