A Very Married Christmas

Our first Christmas as husband and wife. It’s a time to start new traditions, honor old ones, and cuddle together in front of the tree. 

My husband’s work can get really busy around the holidays and our weekends in December include office parties so I deliberately plan days I will decorate and days we will decorate together or we would run out of time! I also find myself to be that couple that decorates the day after Thanksgiving—our reason for this is that we are actually not at our house the days leading up to Christmas so I want to make sure we have time to enjoy our “holiday home.”

As I write this in front of our freshly decorated Christmas tree, I can’t help but feel a sense of awe in the reason for the season. Our lives, my husband and I—two strangers, were brought together by God. We celebrate our faith and honor the birth of Jesus in all we do this holiday season. 

I can say with a smile on my face that my decorating is done but it was not without some planning or help. In early November, I started wondering what I would decorate the house with—everyone needs a holiday theme. Would it be plaid and rustic or silver and gold with fur? The décor of our house blends more with silver and gold and these are also colors that are easy to find in decorations. Once I had a theme, I slowly would look for things at retail stores. I gave myself time to price shop and find the deals that were in our budget. For me, our dining area and family room are our main focal points. Slowly, our basement closet was full of silver and gold ornaments, placemats, throws, pillows, and floral stems all before Thanksgiving. I had all the décor ready mainly because “shopping” is not something my husband would like to make a tradition during the holidays. He doesn’t enjoy it and I want our time together to be spent doing just that—being together. The day after Thanksgiving, we decorated the house and went out and found our real tree together! With a real tree, its best to let it sit some to let the branches fall. The next day, my mom, nana, and dad traveled up from my hometown to help us with the tree. This meant the WORLD to me to have the help of my mom and family. I live two hours apart from them and try to find ways to make it feel like we live across the street from one another. If my mom was close by, she would help me decorate the tree so it was important for me express to her well in advance that the Saturday after Thanksgiving was a day I would love for her to be at our house helping us decorate.

Six hours, Chickfila, and a bag of popcorn later, the tree was finally done. Oh, the memories we made! My mom also brought some decorations from my childhood home for Matt and I to have in our home—a Nutcracker set she had purchased the year I was born and a Waterford glass Santa my Nana had purchased and kept for me years ago. I look around our home and know that the love of family and friends lives within. It isn’t a place we close off to ourselves, but a place we open to the ones we love.

The rest of December, Matt and I will watch movies in front of the tree, chase Gracie our golden around while she attempts to steal decorations, and welcome family and friends inside to our Winter Wonderland. Christmas isn’t about what we buy but about what we already have—celebrating the love around us and spending TIME together.