Skin Care: Lexi’s Love-It’s

I recently decided to start a multi-step skin care regimen and can’t believe I didn’t start one sooner! All through college, I was really good at taking my make-up off before bed but that was about the extent of my routine. I have been using Purity Facial Cleanser for years and it was and continues to be a holy grail product for me. It literally melts my make-up off with so much ease and is so gentle on my skin and eyes. It’s the first face wash I had found that takes all eyeliner and mascara off in one easy wash. A little goes a long way with it so a bottle lasts me a long time!

Being in my mid-20’s, I felt my skin would benefit from a few additional products, especially a good moisturizer. I had seen many influencers raving over Tula products and a few of my friends had recommended them to me. Tula products are made with clean, clinically-proven, high-quality ingredients to nourish your skin. After reading how they create their products with natural probiotics and superfoods, I was convinced to give it a try!

I ordered a cleanser, moisturizer, resurfacing gel, and eye brightening balm. I have been using these Tula products for about 2 months and am loving how fresh and bright my skin feels and looks!