New Town, New Man, New Friend

I moved to Bridgeport, West Virginia to start my job as a news reporter on January 16, 2017. Two weeks later, I met Matt, the man that would become my husband. Since the day we met, I knew I never wanted to leave him and we instantly fell into a “forever” relationship very early on. I knew then that Bridgeport would become my “forever” home. I met Matt but I hadn’t met many other people. I wanted to meet young women my age. I had previously lived in Greensboro, North Carolina and found that I loved meeting friends at fitness studios. I have found that when you meet friends at workout classes, you often have the same interests and motivate each other positively in other areas of your life—thank you Pure Barre Greensboro for teaching me this! Fast forward to Bridgeport, West Virginia and the same is true. Matt suggested I try Main Street Fitness. He told me his friend’s girlfriend taught a class there and thought we would really hit it off. I signed up for Lexi’s class (at 6 a.m.) and the rest is now history. However, it is so important to share how we really hit it off. After the class, I went up to Lexi and introduced myself and we established the connection that my boyfriend knew her boyfriend. I genuinely liked Lexi and found that we had so much in common! She grew up in Bridgeport and knew all the ins and outs of the town so through her, I met so many people and truly felt at home in my new town.

I truly enjoy living in my new town because of Lexi (and of course, my husband). Lexi’s family treats me like their own and always makes me feel included in my new environment. Since meeting Lexi we have shared thousands of workout classes, sangrias, and laughs. When I was going into high school, I remember I prayed to the Lord to find friendships I can learn and grow from. Years later, He continues to answer that prayer. I can count on Lexi for advice, a shoulder to lean on, and a fun time. Lexi represents the family I no longer have just a short drive away. My family lives two hours from Bridgeport, but in Lexi, I found a sister I can count on close by. Lexi and I have shared the joy of our engagements together, talked weddings together, and will now kick off this blog together. On the day that Lexi got married, her dad quietly came up to me before the ceremony and said, “God brought you two together.” I know in Lexi I have a friend sent from God and through all our walks and talks, we have helped each other find ways to live a happier and healthier, more balanced life. It is our hope to include you on our walks and talks by bringing you all on this adventure with us.

If you need a friend like I found in Lexi:

  1. Trust in God. Pray the desires of your heart to Him.
  2. Move to a new place? Find a workout studio! I promise you will make the best of friends!
  3. Be a friend. Remember, to have a friend you first have to be a friend.