Master Bedroom Makeover

You get married. You establish a home together. You look at all the wedding registry items you were so generously gifted and think “what now?”

For me and my husband, “his” house became “our” home. His 10-year-old townhouse was extremely well kept and provided great space for us to start our married life in. However, my husband works long days and literally hadn’t made his house a home—he just used it as a place to rest his head at night. I realize now that I am really grateful he hadn’t made his house a home yet because it gave me (and us) a chance to do it together.

I started thinking in the months before we got married, “what can I do at Matt’s house to ‘refresh’ it?” Paint and light fixtures came to mind. His house hadn’t been painted in 10 years and needed a refresh and light fixtures are an affordable way to make a space feel up to date. We painted the ENTIRE house, trim and doors included, and replaced at least 10 light fixtures (I stopped counting). Of course, keep in mind that when you start a little project, it comes a big project. We returned home from our honeymoon the first of June and the painting started! We were finished with everything—paint, light fixtures, new carpet and flooring—by the first weekend in September.

I’ll share more on the house later but our Master Bedroom Makeover truly captures the transformation. Matt’s townhouse was a “model home” so it was furnished when he bought it. But, nothing had really been changed in 10 years. I wanted our bedroom to be a spa-like retreat. I wanted it to be “our space”—an area for quiet reflection, love, and rest.

All of the bedding in our room was on our wedding registry and was provided generously by our friends. The nightstands were painted with mineral paint (a great option when a furniture piece is really usable but just not the style you want). The “J” above our bed is a piece of décor from our wedding and the 6 pictures in gold frames capture all the seasons of our love and were also used at our wedding. One of my favorite bible verses is in Ecclesiastes, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” This verse means so much to me because it represents how life will have all seasons, the good with the bad, and the Lord is with us through it all. I wanted our room (and our house) to have reminders of our faith in places we would see them daily. Above the 6 gold frames is one of my favorite new additions to the master bedroom—it’s a custom metal hanging that says “each day is a gift.” It hangs on a wall that my husband and I look at when we close our eyes at night and see first thing when we open our eyes in the morning.

Paint, bedding, painted nightstands, new rug, new lamps, new light fixture. These things transformed the space. I worked with a young designer to pull it all together. She really listened to what I wanted and made sure it all became a reality.

My advice to making “his house” into your new home:

  1. Register wisely. Matt and I picked out our items together. Include your fiancé in the process—even if it takes a little bribing.
  2. Think about how paint can make the room feel “new.”
  3. Incorporate pieces that truly mean something to you—everyone can go to Target and get new lamps. Only you can find a way to make it unique—include something custom or handmade in your décor.

Shop: duvet (on clearance!), quilt (color-natural)