How I Get Loose Curls

I naturally have really wavy hair so to prep for curling, I dry my hair using a round brush to pull out the waves, especially around my face and roots. This gives me a fresh slate to work with when curling so I don’t have to re-curl or hold each curl for extended time. After drying I apply Moroccan Oil to the ends of my hair for extra shine.

I curl my hair using a 1.25 inch T3 curling iron. The iron gets super hot on its highest setting so I usually use level 3 out of 5. The amount of heat and how long you hold the curl for determines how tight or loose the curls are. I start in the front with small sections of hair and curl away from my face. I hold each curl around the iron for about 5 seconds. Curling away from my face makes the hair in the front frame my face best.

After curling all my hair on both sides away from my face I let my hair cool for a few minutes until it’s no longer warm. I then flip my head over 2 times to add some volume, run my fingers through the ends to separate curls and spray with a light hold hairspray. It takes me approx. 7 minutes to curl my whole head.